Boulder Valley Education Association (BVEA)

Current and Former BVSD School Board Members and Elected Officials

Stacey has the qualifications and knowledge to be an outstanding BVSD school board member and I support her 100%. The public is fortunate to have skilled and enthusiastic citizens who are willing to serve in this important role.

- Laurie Albright, Former BVSD School Board Member

- KC Becker, Speaker of the Colorado House HD-13

- Steve Fenberg, Colorado Senate Majority Leader SD-18

- Edie Hooton, Colorado State Representative HD-10

- Jonathan Singer, Colorado State Representative HD-11, Boulder County Commissioner Candidate

Stacey has extensive experience as a member of the State Advisory Council on Parent/Family Involvement in Education (SACPIE) representing Boulder Valley Schools. I was one of the individuals while I was the executive director of the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition who worked very hard in creating SACPIE. Stacey has a good understanding and willingness to work on providing more learning opportunities for our children who are most at-risk.

- Richard Garcia, BVSD School Board Member

- Sam Fuqua, BVSD School Board Member 

- Lesley Smith, Regent, University of Colorado, Former BVSD School Board Member

- Linda Shoemaker, Regent, University of Colorado, Former BVSD School Board Member

- Virginia Belval, Former BVSD School Board Member

Community Members

It is an honor to endorse Stacey Zis for BVSD School Board. She is an ethical, well-informed, long-time supporter of public education. Stacey has been involved in pK-12 education issues for years. She will bring both progressive values and practical, student-focused leadership to her role.

- Samantha Messier

- Cindy Stevenson, Former Superintendent, BVSD and JeffCo

Twelve years in BVSD (2005-17) leadership gave me insights into the skill set needed to be an effective school board member. Stacey has all the tools!  

- Briggs A.H. Gamblin, Retired BVSD Director of Communications and Legislative Policy

- Evie Hudak, Former State Senator

Wonderful, smart, and involved parent in BVSD schools. She is a great listener, excellent public speaker, and will represent our community well.

- Annette Kissinger

Stacey is knowledgeable, passionate and committed to service in BVSD! I've seen Stacey be deeply involved in the district since her child was in kindergarten.

- Geri Mitchell-Brown

I don't have children in school, but I have known Stacey for 13 years, and she is an obvious choice for this position. Not only has she worked in Education her entire adult life, she is smart, an incredibly involved and supportive parent, and one of the most thoughtful people I know. It's a no-brainer.

- Donna S Ligon

I appreciate her passion and experience.

- Brandy L Sylvester

Stacey is passionate, motivated and dedicated to make improvements for the betterment of the students' experience and journey.

- Michele Amidon

Stacey’s experience in communications for various community outreach programs will serve as an asset as she continues to advocate for strong public education in the Boulder Valley School District.

- Bonny Colagrosso

I have seen Stacey at work in a management position over many personalities and age ranges. Her consistent work ethic and untiring perseverance are exceptional. She is an outstanding candidate for Boulder Valley School Board. (Signed: Mother of 7)

- Debbie MacArthur

- Meg Hansen

- Michelle Trudgeon

- Connor Bunting