I am running for BVSD School Board to make a good school district even better and to ensure that all students have the same opportunities and experiences.


If elected to the Board, I will champion families and educators alike to engage with each other, empowering them to create positive partnerships and equitable experiences at BVSD.


Through my work and volunteer experiences at the school, district, and state level, I have learned how critical it is to have an open mind, be an active listener, and a respectful team player. I tend to look at the “big picture” and work to create positive dialogue and solutions.


Together, we can make sure our 56 schools are places where EVERY student and family feels welcome. Where we ALL feel safe. Where EVERY student has the opportunities they deserve and the support they need. 

I believe:

The choices we face are complex and require participation from everyone in our community. 

In family and school partnerships. With meaningful parental involvement students have higher achievement, complete more homework, come to school more often, and stay in school longer.


Family involvement is a shared responsibility. Through family and school partnerships, families ought to feel welcome in their child’s school (and district offices), experience effective, two-way communication, enjoy the opportunity to support their student’s success, feel comfortable advocating for their child, and are asked to be an active participant in school decision making and thereby sharing the decision making power.

Every student deserves to feel safe at school. As a community, we need to continue to provide resources to ensure physical safety, social emotional learning, and appropriate mental health support.

Every student deserves the same opportunities and experiences. BVSD is a place for every student and family to feel welcome, supported, and for all students to reach their full potential.